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With 23 years of rental management experience, we have the knowledge, expertise, expansive network, and proprietary market data to help you make the most informed real estate decisions. Using critical insights drawn from our real-world rental market data and experiences, we have the ability to construct projections, validate assumptions and create a financial roadmap that is easily understood and achievable. For buyers, we help leverage rental income to supplement affordability and help bootstrap the way to cottage ownership. For Sellers, we have the experience and know-how to best position and market cottage rental properties, while providing access to our extensive database of renters and buyers. We invite you to leverage our platform to help you find your success in cottage country.


Cottage rental market experts since 1999.


Leading edge market data and valuable insights to waterfront properties.


Accurate income and expense projections, accurate guest occupancy expectations.


We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our sister company, Cottage Vacations, to position ourselves as the leaders in the buying and selling of cottage rental properties. CV Real Estate and Cottage Vacations work together to provide a turnkey experience so you can relax and enjoy everything cottage country offers.

Buy. Rent. Relax.

How to Bootstrap Your Way to Cottage Ownership

Is cottage ownership a dream of yours? Our Buy, Rent, Relax strategy leverages rental income to help you achieve your dream of cottage ownership sooner than you would have ever imagined.

Perhaps your goal seems financially out of reach, or overwhelmingly complex? Our team can help. We specialize in helping buyers understand the financial realities of cottage ownership and work with you to develop a strategy to make your goal financially attainable. Simply put, we help you leverage rental income to bootstrap your way to cottage ownership. When you’re not at the cottage, don’t let your investment just sit there – allow Cottage Vacations to seamlessly put your property to work to start earning you a return on your investment.

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